Kenny Barron’s Magic Dance

I got quite recently acquinted to Kenny Barron’s new trio album “Book Of Intuition” released in 2016, after having read an article/interview of Kenny in the Keyboard Magazine. Being a long-time KB admirer, I simply loved the new recording. It’s incredible how Barron has been able to constantly develop his mastery of Jazz Piano throughout the years, and still at this age (well over 70 years) his playing is still magnificant. I have also liked his compositional work from earlier recordings such as Voyage, Song For Abdullah, etc. etc. So I found it inspiring to learn and make my own solo version of KB original “Magic Dance” that is the opening track of Book Of Intuition.

Being also a bit of a tech-geek, I made my first Piano Tutorial video by recording my performance using MIDI out of my Yamaha Silent Piano. I have a software called iGrand Piano for iPad and a USB-midi interface KeyRig Midi 2. The video footage was recorded with iPhone 6s. I later combined the virtual piano keys of the midi version and synced it with the video footage and imported audio. I think the result is satisfying! This is the concept I’m going to use probably more in the future in order to create more educational videos.

The midi version of my performance can be found here. I will probably make a sheet music out of the tune later on and post it also here.